Intro Wind Benefit Poster Sedona Poster History Poster California Poster Animated Characters for Online Presentations Smartphone App Illustrations Road Trip Poster Mock Rock artwork 98 Rock Calendar Album Cover Sampler Rise Guys Album Covers Journey Concert Art Sly Park Website USAL Website DVD Packaging for Night Frights Logo sampler



Children of the Wind Benefit Concert Poster


Sedona Concert Poster


History of Classic Rock Poster


California Classic Rock A to Z Poster


Animated Characters for Online Presentations

These characters were designed to be animated for online presentations, which included extensive lip syncing.

Smartphone App Illustrations

These cartoon characters were hand drawn for inclusion in an educational smarthone app.

Classic Rock Road Trip Poster

Poster depicting caricatures of KSEG disc jockeys.

Mock Rock

T-shirt and poster artwork depicting caricatures of prominent rock stars.

KRXQ 98 Rock Calendar


Album Art


98 Rock's Rise Guys Album Art

Each cover was a heavily Photoshopped spoof of a popular rock album.

Journey / Foreigner Concert Logo

Artwork appeared on t-shirts and other promotional items

Sly Park Website


USA Learns Website


Night Frights DVD Packaging


Logo Design Sampler




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